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If you haven't noticed, I've not posted in some months. My blogging hiatus has turned into the end of blogging for me, at least for the time being.

In the next couple of weeks, I will be downloading the entirity of "a sop in wyn" for myself then will delete the page. So, if there's anything you want, take it now.

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29 November, 2006 16:41

Enjoyed the reading, darn that real world getting in the way of important things!  

By Blogger sirtin  

29 November, 2006 19:55

Say it aint so!!! Well, you know where to find me and vice versa. PS - all say hi.  

By Blogger Kevin Donahue  

02 December, 2006 12:26

sorry to see you close your blog. We miss you and love you. Merry Christmas; Dad  

By Anonymous Anonymous  

02 December, 2006 20:43

So sad! I guess I'll have to keep up with your life by other means. I hope you are having a fabulous semester!


By Anonymous Anonymous  

05 December, 2006 18:58

This makes me so sad as you're the one who got me into blogging. Midwestern TA just got it's first citation in print thus legitimating its (and in many ways my) existence and at the same time you're calling it quits:(  

By Anonymous Khouray  

13 December, 2006 10:08

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Just as I got back into it! Darn it!  

By Blogger Shannon  

13 December, 2006 22:26

It is so ever much like a death in the family. I will continue to miss reading it.


By Anonymous Anonymous  

12 April, 2007 09:52

Don't forget to come vote for the redesign of the PTS logo...


By Blogger Adam  

17 July, 2018 04:09

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