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i've seen the wurst of it

The score is now Germany 3, Sloane 0.

I have less than 48 hours left in this country and, over the past nine weeks, this country has killed my iPod, my digital camera, and my computer (though the good folks at the Apple Store in Göttingen fixed that in short order). So, to be fair, we won't count the computer as a point for either side. But, at this point, it doesn't seem like I'm going to manage to win this one on penalty kicks like some twisted replay of the World Cup final.

You see, I've been a vegetarian for four years. Knowing I was coming to Germany where finding vegetarian food (other than baked cheese, fried cheese and bread with cheese) is a challenge, I started eating fish again a few months ago. That was fine. I couldn't be quite the sanctimonious twit I was when I was strict ova-lacto veg, but then I could never muster the sanctimony to become a vegan either.

But when I decided to start eating fish again, I was working on the assumption that I would still be able to find sufficient quantities of iron rich foods in Germany, like spinach and legumes. Spinach is findable, but it's always so over cooked that there's hardly anything left for the body to extract. And finding legumes? HA.

In Göttingen, I went to four different markets before I could actually find something that resembled a bean. When I finally found them, they were dried. Now, when you've got a hot plate and one pot to work with, dried beans are not what you'd call feasible.

Even the "authentic" Mexican food joints don't serve beans. Yeah. Well, on that score, Bowling for Soup is right, all Mexican food sucks north of Texas. (This from the man who's live in Jersey for coming up six years.)

So, yeah. About four days ago, I started feeling anemic as all hell, even with the vitamin supplements. My choice was feel like crap for the next five days and then bong spinach when I got home, assuming I didn't manage to get sick before then, or, go eat cow.

I ate cow.

The good news is, the stuff I've been taking for the acid reflux from hell seems to have taken care of the problems that lead me to becoming vegetarian in the first place. The funny news is, I'd not consumed that much protein in one sitting in four years, so I actually had a "beef buzz" for an hour or so.
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02 August, 2006 18:08

Yay for the beef buzz! And you're right. I won't touch Mexican food any other place but home.  

By Anonymous Merrin  

03 August, 2006 10:01

Heh! I didn't know one could get beef buzz. It's tempting to become vegan and then eat some beef just to try it out for myself.

I can see it now, all the cool kids will be trying to get beef buzz.  

By Blogger Mac  

03 August, 2006 10:56

Are you sure it was beef buzz and not your hemoglobin doing the happy dance after finally finding some iron to bind?

The scientist says you should try this experiment again in a few years, sans anemia, and see if the euphoria still results.

The next time you swing by Houston, we'll have to be sure to go to the Hobbit Cafe so you can get a monolithic black bean burger. And I'll make my salsa hummice. My mom says she'll cook up a vegetarian Chinese storm for you, too. You should have taken her up on the offer to fedex you some beans!  

By Blogger Xenopuslady  

03 August, 2006 23:28

Mmmmm... bovine. Welcome back! I hope it was tasty, high quality cow. There is nothing wrong with eating what your body tells you to.  

By Blogger John  

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