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it's about time

From the Department of Stoopid

I'm not going to lie to you. The allegations are really quite true. I am a card carrying member of the Cognocentri. (Not to be confused with cognoscenti.) We're a bit like the International League of Pedants, but our robes are cooler. At any rate, my fellow cognocentric brothers and sisters, today is a day for unfettered jubilation. I give you the anti-stupid pill.

Quoth Reuters:

A German scientist has been testing an "anti-stupidity" pill with encouraging results on mice and fruit flies, Bild newspaper reported Saturday.

It said Hans-Hilger Ropers, director at Max-Planck-Institute for Molecular Genetics in Berlin, has tested a pill thwarting hyperactivity in certain brain nerve cells, helping stabilize short-term memory and improve attentiveness.

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08 August, 2006 13:26

Somehow, I don't think there are enough such pills in all the world to erase the base stupidity of our fellow man.

That's just me, though.  

By Anonymous Merrin  

08 August, 2006 22:44

I agree with Merrin.

Besides, since when is a deficiency in short-term memory the definition of stupidity?  

By Blogger Xenopuslady  

09 August, 2006 09:53

Anti-stupid pills are nothing new...we've just called them "books" until now.  

By Blogger sirtin  

15 August, 2006 09:59

Enlightenment needed:
Can anyone describe for me an experiment that proves fruitflies are not experiencing short-term memory loss?  

By Blogger Bill  

29 May, 2018 04:26

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