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From the It's About Damn Time Department

For quite some time, I've wanted Apple to make a significant change in the iTunes store. Namely, I wanted them to add a function that would allow the customer to buy music for someone else. I really can't count the number of times I would have paid 99¢ for someone to be able to hear some song or another while I was talking to them about it. Well, while using an iTunes gift card to purchase the musical from which the title of this post comes, I noticed that said change had been made! O frabjous day!


Ain't that just somethin'?
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04 January, 2006 02:31

Nicky: Schadenfreude? What's that, some sort of Nazi word?

Gary: Yeah, it's German for "happiness at the misfortune of others."

Nicky: Happiness at the misfortune of others? That is German!


Take her home, she's wasted! Yeah!

You can't put your finger there! Oooooohh! Put your finger there!

Oh! Princeton!


I'm Gary Coleman
From TV's Diff'rent Strokes
I made a lot of money
that got stolen by my folks.



Now there was a fine upstanding black man.


Jesus Christ.

But Gary, Jesus was white.

No, Jesus was black.

Guys, guys, Jesus was Jewish.


Trekie Monster: The internet is for porn... why you think the net was born? Porn, porn, porn!  

By Anonymous Gary Coleman  

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